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Radio Advertising your business!

You can reach most people using radio as a medium. To be precise, around 77% of adults tune in to an advertising supported AM/FM station. The average listener, spends almost 2 hours (109) minutes per day listening to AM /FM radio. Source: Nielsen Report

You can reach people when they are driving to do shopping. Peak radio usage coincides with when people are driving to work, lunch time and leaving work. Listening is much lower between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM than during daytime hours. Source: Nielsen Report

You can target your advertising very effectively. In the United States, there are over 11,000 commercial radio stations. While there are 50,000 Watt stations which reach large geographic areas. Many stations reach relatively focused geographic areas. By picking the right station, you won’t be reaching people that aren’t  potential customers. Furthermore, certain formats (talk, country, pop, easy listening) tend to reach specific demographics, enabling advertiser to target the types of customers that shop with them directly.

Country Music Listeners

Statistics for the average country fan show that they are 45 years old with an income of $75,392. Seventy-five percent of country fans own a home (valued at $228,586), which is higher than the national average. Thirty-two percent are parents with 2.3 children and their net worth is $316,337, which is just under the national average.

One in two people with an income of $100,000-plus are country fans and one in three people who have professional or managerial jobs are country fans. One in four of the people who live in the top five DMA’s are country fans. Again, Fuson pointed out that this opens a lot of doors because there is a whole new market where country fans live.

“Country music fans are also passionate about their family,” Fuson said. “We found that 90 percent spend time with their family, and 81 percent have dinner with them every night compared to a national average of 43 percent. Seventy-nine percent of the country fans wish they had more time to spend with their families.”

The surveys also found that country fans are more likely than the U.S. population to go dancing, go out on the town with friends, entertain at home and dine out. In fact, Fuson said, country fans spent $16 billion dining out with friends and family last year.

Country fans are also more tech-savvy than had been previously thought. Two in four of the people buying new technology are country fans, while four in 10 people who are asked for advice on technology are country fans. Seventy-six percent of Music Fest attendees last year were engaged in some kind of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, with 55 percent engaging with Facebook daily. That is up 30 percent from 2008. Another 23 percent are active on Twitter, up 40 percent from 2009.

The CMA introduced a CMA Music Fest app two weeks ago, and in that time period has had 11,336 unique visitors, 9,500 from iPhones and the rest from Android.

The new demographic for country music fans puts them on average or above with most Americans, according to CMA market research director Greg Fuson.

*article from Billboard Magazine, Billboard Country Music Summit by Vernell Hackett