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Mike in the Morning – Monday through Friday – 6a to 9a

Mike is from the Southern Oregon Coast and Loves the Wild Rivers Coast in the Redwoods!

Mike is a Radio Veteran with over 30 years in broadcasting, starting his radio career in his hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon, just up the coast on the beautiful scenic Highway 101! Mike’s radio career has taken him to Texas, California, Washington, Montana and in Portland a KISN Oldies for a time, then back to his hometown, and ending up in Crescent City back in 2012.

Mike loves the Redwoods, Smith River and the Wild Rivers Coast!!

Joke of the Day –

I caught my son chewing on electrical cords…

So I had to ground him…

He’s doing better currently…

And conducting himself properly.

Brain Teaser

Among Americans who say they’ve acquired some of these in the past year, they’ve gained an average of 10 of them. What are they?


Mike in the Morning Trivia Question

If you’re sitting at a stop light in a stick-shift car and let out the clutch while it’s in gear, what will happen?
a) It will accelerate
b) The car will stall out
c) Nothing — that’s normal